Do you Travel?

Yes we do travel all across the world. We LOVE destination weddings! We are happy to create custom packages to fit your wedding plans, so you won’t have to worry about a thing!

How much do you edit your photos?

Great question! I’d say 70% of the way my photos look comes down to the way I edit my photos. Each photo receives basic color correction, cropping, adjustment for lighting etc, as well as a custom filter to give it the vibe you see in my portfolio.

What camera do you sue for wedding photography? or, What equipment do you use?

In short, we use whatever it takes to get you stunning photos. We have a long list of equipment we shoot weddings with, and this includes full-frame cameras, fast lenses, all forms of off-camera lighting, remote lighting equipment, props, stands, tripods, monopods…all of which is updated and changed constantly. See your memory is your memory no matter what Camera we use to capture it.

Are Your Wedding Packages Negotiable? I Can’t Afford What You Charge!

We truly understand how expensive it is to get married. There are a million things you need to pay for, and some of them are more challenging than others. However, premium wedding photography also comes at a price – and we can’t even begin to start justifying the effort it takes to deliver quality photos like the ones you see on Social Pages & Our website. Either way, please do get in touch with us – we may be more affordable than you think!

Do You Offer Wedding Video Or Cinematography Services? I'd Like A Wedding Video — And I’d Like Everything To Be Done Under One Roof.

Absolutely! Wedding cinema has evolved a lot over the last few years. We will develop a beautiful thematic documentary style wedding video which will perfectly complement your wedding album. Typical deliverables include a Wedding Story Movie (5-6 mins), and a full 45-60 minute Traditional Wedding Movie — all in brilliant high definition video. Ping me today and I’ll send you all the info.

My Wedding Is Next Year, Is It Too Early To Enquire?

Since we take up very limited weddings each year we are usually booked 8-9 months in advance.

What Is The Length Of The Final Wedding Film? Why Can’t We Get Longer Films?

Depending on the duration of hire, we edit and deliver a 4-6 minute cinematic highlights video and a shorter “Teaser” video with a length of 1-2 minutes. Teaser provide a better perspective and showcase a long story in an interesting manner. We shoot the entire event and edit it into a beautiful short story that captures the essence of the couple, their families, and the wedding. For a more extensive video which documents the entire length of the wedding or Event. We called this As Traditional Movie or Full length Movie.

I’m Ready To Book! What Next?!

AMAZING! I can’t WAIT to get to know you and I’m so thrilled you’ve chosen me. To book I require a signed contract and 40% Advance Payment. Dates cannot be reserved until these have been received. Contact me today and I’ll send you all the info.

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